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Spanish Guitar Strumming Techniques offers 19 lessons and over 150 exercises and illustrations in a form of a book/DVD.

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Spanish Guitar Strumming Techniques guides you with step-by step explanations on each techniques.


The guitar lessons come with clear DVD/video demonstrations.


The songs and exercises are available in TABs with music sheet and chord diagrams as well.


Each techniques filmed with close-ups and slow motion to understand exactly how it is done.


Rumbify your favourite songs or impress your friends with your new percussion skills


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What My Students Are Saying

I have always wanted to learn Flamenco techniques for the guitar. I really enjoy the music, but it's more fun to play it than to just listen to it. I ordered this book when it first came out, and it is a great way to get started with learning this style of music. The book is well laid out, easy to understand, and progresses at a pace such that when you've worked your way through the book, and the DVD, you will be comfortable with a basic Flamenco skill set.

Jason Barker


There aren't many books out there that focus on the subject of just Spanish Guitar Strumming. I knew I'd be adding this to my collection of Flamenco Guitar Books because this is such a great skill to have. Edina clearly has mastered the techniques required to play this style so who better to learn from. It's not rocket science but slow, focus and steady study will get the job done. If the techniques taught in this book can be mastered you will be a welcome addition to any rumba jam session. Thanks Edina for taking the time to put this book and DVD together. I would recommend it to beginners to Spanish guitar or those like I who have been struggling to add good strumming techniques to my skill set.

Kevin R.


The book and DVD contain some very rudimentary information about tuning, nomenclature, etc. that most readers will probably find to be extraneous, but the material of interest is explained well and the user's expectations are tempered with good advice regarding the rate of progress that can be expected as developing speed for fast tempos does take time. I had some problems getting to the lessons I was interested in on the DVD (using Windows 10 Pro with a third party DVD Player -- Leawo Blu-Ray Player), but was eventually able to view them. Both the book and the DVD are necessary to learn the strumming techniques...

George H.


Wow, Edina makes it look so easy! Surprise - it’s not. I have to overcome strumming habits learned over the years, so progress has been slow. But I am excited because I’ve always wanted to learn to play flamenco and rhumba styles. I wish Edina had put even more detail into her book, however. For instance, details about playing with nails would be helpful. E.g., when I hit the guitar body, should I strike with my nails or the flat of my fingers? When I strum from treble to bass with my index finger, my nail tends to get caught, but I need that nail for finger-picking and classical performance. Maybe these and other issues are covered later in the book; as I said, I’m slow to progress. In any case, I am delighted to have Edina’s new book and I am looking forward to mastering the techniques. This is the best book I have seen since it focuses just on strumming.

Becky B.


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Edina Balczo

Edina Balczo is a UK-based professional guitarist, who has been playing more than 18 years. She is endorsed by GuitarPro software, and hosts a popular YouTube channel, The Spanish Guitar Hub, which has received millions of views and attracted tens of thousands of subscribers. With her award-wining Spanish guitar duo, De fuego, she has recorded and released two albums and performed throughout Europe, including appearances at the Glastonbury festival (UK), Sziget fesztival (HU), Meadows in the Mountains (BG), and Vegfest (UK). She has also performed in special events for Google, Green Peace, and the Commonwealth Nations Ceremony awards among others.

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